Can I show live feeds such as news by connecting to an RSS-Feed?

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Yes you can! You can actually choose to incorporate content from any RSS feed, simply by copy-pasting it into a template via the ZetaDisplay CMS. 

Not all RSS feeds are compatibel with our software, this because there are a lot of different kind of feeds. 

Our software accepts only RSS feeds which are made according to certain (official) standards. You can check the RSS feed at

If the validation indicates that the feed is correct but the feed doesn’t work, please contact our Support Team.

It’s also possible that the RSS message you want to use run through feedburner. When you use that kind of feed, you have to add: ?format=xml at the end of the feed. 

For example:

This has to be:

When the validation indicates that the feed is not correct, choose another feed or if its possible adjust the feed. 

ZetaDisplay also provides an integrated RSS generation tool that makes it really easy to type messages and show them on your screen in no time.

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