Security Update: Systems unaffected by Log4j

An update from our product development team:

In response to the reported vulnerability of Log4j systems worldwide, the ZetaDisplay product development team has confirmed that ZetaDisplay’s networks remain unaffected by any security issues linked to this worldwide phenomenon. Our client software solutions do not use Log4j, which is part of the ubiquitous programming language, Java.

Mikael Harrén, ZetaDisplays R&D Director explains;

„Cybersecurity is a vital ongoing issue of our everyday product and software development efforts. The good news is that ZetaDisplay’s client systems are not affected by the Log4j vulnerability as our systems do not use Log4j. Regardless, this shows the vulnerability of all types of open systems and the importance of a continuous and systematic approach towards data in all software solutions selected for our client networks. In 2022 we are increasing our investment into this area in order to keep delivering increasingly secure market leading products to our customers.“