The Customer Journey and Digital Signage

Now, more than ever, is the time to listen to the end customer.

The customer journey is a concept that many companies already discuss on a daily basis. Pauli Beirad from ZetaDisplay Finland explores how to increase customer insight and how this in turn can be used in the development of Digital Signage concepts and services.

Service design is not new, but in a relatively short space of time it has become a hot topic in the minds of almost all business developers. The reason for this is that customers now have access to more information than ever before, resulting in more awareness and competition from one brand to another.

In order to stay relevant and ensure that you are hitting the right notes, companies need to ensure that they are developing their product range with the buy in of their customers, by consulting with and listening to them at all stages of the process.

The starting point for service design is customer understanding, which is created by involving the company providing the service and the end users of that service. This method of working is particularly well suited to Digital Signage concept development, where solutions are primarily designed for consumers, public service users or company employees. Getting their feedback at the conceptual stage is a great way of ensuring the campaign resonates with your target audience.

This can be applied not only to the aesthetics of a campaign, but also to customer behaviour in a particular space.

Consider a situation where a company wants to launch a new product or service to its customers. One way of mapping the end-customer’s path is to organise a role-playing workshop with customer personalities who are both service providers and service users. The role-play provides valuable and often surprising data on consumer behaviour, which in turn helps us to develop just the right Digital Signage concept and journey.

The benefits of customer insight being integrated into the Digital Signage development process include:

– Achieving a higher quality and more holistic service experience

– Ensuring the successful launch of new products and services

– Enhancing an organisation’s problem-solving capabilities and harnessing the potential of Digital Signage

– Creating more personalised and empathetic Digital Signage solutions

– Helping to increase the competitiveness of the company and innovate for the future

Increasing customer loyalty

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