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Engage has two themes and they are called „Monitoring“ (white/bright theme)(1)  and the „Action“ (dark theme)(2) . When the Monitoring theme is active you are just watching what is going on, you are not affecting the system in any significant way. In the Action theme you are doing something that will affect the system in some way, creating a playlist, uploading content, or editing some settings. 

The main navigation is at the top. These are the most important categories of the CMS:

  • Dashboard(1) – A hub of information that can give you an overview of your system at a quick glance. 
  • Library(2) – Your content storage that can be shared with your co-workers. 
  • Playlist(3) – Creating and storing the schedule for broadcasting to the displays. 
  • Players(4) – The area where you see the digital representation of your display and can add them to groups for broadcasting. 
  • Workspace(5) – For users with multiple workspaces you can switch between them in this menu.
  • Notifications(6) – New information and updates are notified through this bell. 
  • Profile(7) – Through this menu, you have access to profile settings and profile-related actions. 
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